Sacred Crossing LLC
Certified Doula/Midwife

About Us

Multi-faith practitioner honoring the dying person’s belief about life, death or the afterlife.

Certified End of Life Midwife/Doula

A Doula is a Greek word for woman servant. I am a death Doula and my hope is that I may provide you and your loved one comfort during a very tough time. I will fill in the gaps between doctor, nurse, caregiver and hospice visits. With loving hands and heart I will assist your loved ones to cross the threshold into a world that awaits them. Non-denominational yet sacred time. Non-medical, no judgement zone. I will bring peace and healing to you while respecting the wishes of your loved one. 

Certified End of Life Midwife/Doula

No one dies alone

Offer companionship, support, and an ear to listen when they may be afraid to speak. For our terminal friends I hold hands, I hug, I sing, we pray, we anoint, we bathe, we adorn. We can create a beautiful sacred place, whether at home, in hospital or assisted living. 

Let me create a peaceful passing for your loved one..

Experienced, compassionate, empathetic to you and your family's needs. Let’s start the conversation before it’s too late. Reach out to me for a one on one, family meeting or group discussion. I have references of families that have been assisted by me. I look forward to our getting to know each other better.